I’ve been taking an unusual amount of pictures lately.  All the ones you’ve seen in the last week or so were done with my Mortorla razor cell phone.  I like this feature quite a bit because I always have my phone and that means I always have a camera.

The problem is I realized that I don’t take many pictures because it’s kind of a pain to get the pictures off the phone.  I do it though bluetooth and I have to do each photo individually, this could take 15 minutes if I have 30 or so pictures to bring over.

Realizing this problem did two things:
1. made me subconsciously take more pictures.
2. made me start to shop for a better phone.

let’s see… I need a phone that is small, can take decent pictures, syncs to a computer without the hassle, and is on the AT&T network. While I’m shopping I also need a portable hard drive, and a new mp3 player.

As much as I hate to admit it, it looks like the iPhone is the way to go for me.  The reason this does not make me happy is because my apple products will equal my microsoft products at that point and that’s the slippery slope to Switch Country… not to mention apple products are expensive.  I settle that issue in my mind by the idea that I will use a lot of the phone features every day, unlike the ociational times I would actually remember to bring a camera some place.

If you have any phone buying advice, please feel free to share.  If I don’t come up with better alternatives I’m probably going to pick one up next week.