Man time can really get away from you, I’ve been at my new job for 7 weeks now! I’ve enjoyed the work but it takes a lot of my time so the site has been neglected once again.

Since I am animating flash videos I find the workflow is a lot like what I do at home and it’s easier to get things done if I can control the volume of my music and the movie file I’m working on separately.

To do that I’ve rigged up a little sound mixer and control for my phone.

It’s a Behringer 5 channel mixer. It’s a little over powered for what I’m using it for but only just.

In music production terms 5 channel means left and right of one source, left and right of another and microphone.

I don’t use the mic of course but I do use both sources at the same time and I have fine control over the balance and volume of each, allowing me to rock out while I work and have the animation only play lightly in one ear all while disturbing no one else.

And, If you look at the upper part you can see I’ve modded the input for the phone.

iPhone 3 and up allow in-line controls so I cut some cables and attached a Belkin controller to the rig.

Without ever activating the screen I can skip and pause the music or video that may be playing saving battery life and removing it from the work processing power.

It’s been great so far, I’m able to work as fast as I do at home, with minimal cost. Plus, if I ever do another live stream I can use this same device to better control the music and presentation.

Besides, touch screens are great and all but analog real knobs are always better when you’re doing repetitive tasks.

I know a lot of people are more interested in what I do rather then how I do it so I’ll try to make a demo of it soon, until then back to work!