I’ve had my computer desk for almost 20 years and I’m very proud of the design I’ve slowly worked out.

I’m always tweaking and adding new tech to it, but as time went on I found my PC fans just couldn’t keep up with modern components.

Heat was becoming a real problem even without overclocking so when it came time to upgrade the key parts I decided to go with full water cooling.

PC Liquid Cooling 03

Most of the new components are from the Asus Republic of Gamers line. The board is a Maximus Formula VI with a Swiftech Apogee Drive II CPU Waterblock & Pump on the processor.

PC Liquid Cooling 04

I chose ROG components for speed, looks, and compatibility, the water goes to the processor, motherboard, then the Poseidon-GTX780 video card.

PC Liquid Cooling 05

Even though these parts are large I still have plenty of room for everything, but since I have a ridiculously custom setup, I figured there was no reason to hide the water cooling components so I built outward to the wall.

PC Liquid Cooling 06

In order to cool a computer with water you need a pump, reservoir, radiator, and power. I decided to built it all into a single unit.

PC Liquid Cooling 10

Thanks to a PC power supply I had sitting around this is a stand alone unit. Even if the main pump in the computer fails this will keep the water flowing

PC Liquid Cooling 11

Because I was building the system to be it’s own unit, I needed an indicator that everything was on. Luckily LEDs for computers are easy to come by and this blacklight fan highlighter fit perfectly behind the reservoir.

I used a mix of blinders and metallic tape to make the water glow, but not be annoying to your eyes when you looked it.

PC Liquid Cooling 09

The two pumps happened mainly because I didn’t know I could get one for the processor until late in the design of my system, but it ended up working out. The water has to travel 8 feel each way, so it could use the extra help.

The extra travel is a downside, but it’s made up for in that I can drain the system totally without getting anywhere near the electronics.

PC Liquid Cooling 07

I have access like this to both sides of the system, some thumb screws hide my crimes.

PC Liquid Cooling 08

So yea, a custom PC cooling right you can fairly call complex. I’m really happy with how it performs and especially how it all looks.

Eagle eyed visitors might notice there is one other component to the water cooling I skipped in this breakdown. Well, turn in next time to find out about how I can now safely add ice to the rig and REALLY bring the temps down!