So how did yesterday’s DJ gig go?

pretty good. While the sun was out it was pretty dull,

but luckily we had one of the speakers inside where it was packed so things picked up later on in the night for things like the jalapeno eating contest.

I grabbed a few pics before things got started, you can see them below if you wanna.

I know these pics aren’t much to look at. I haven’t been posting blogs much because I’ve been doing a lot of private events. From now on I’m going to put something up even if it’s a boring composition because that’s better then the months of non activity I think.

But no matter where I am I can always take pics of myself.

But I digress, not bad for a first DJ gig, slow but I did get to mix it up, host some things, and take requests. When I get another job like this one I’ll be sure to let you know.