There are two components needed for good chroma keying; a smooth green/blue surface to stand in front of, and the ability to evenly light that surface.

I’ve been doing my best with the lamps I’ve had available but lighting is just one of the things you can’t fake, so it was time to finally get the gear I needed.

Here’s what it looked like when I filmed the beg for money video.

And here’s what I filmed last night

I think the difference speaks for itself, it’s freaking fantastic!

I’ve done lighting and wiring work before, but this was the first permanent setup for me so I was very careful to make sure it was wired correctly.

I’m really lucky that they came out strait because I have no idea how to make them square without the wall to guide me.

The lights are right at the front of the stage, this makes it far enough away to create even lighting on the back wall, but close enough that it puts the shadow under the actor and out of the way.

What I’m really excited about is that this example is without any other lighting source. Imagine the kinds of composites I will be able to do when I turn on the key and fill lighting specifically for the actors, I’ll be able to put myself in any movie I want.

and trust me, I will.