I do not have the words to describe to you how good it feels to post this image.

I know it’s too big for a blog, I don’t care.

This project nearly killed me. I started it 11 years ago and I put everything I had into it, and I failed.  I wasn’t able to pull it off. I lost all my friends, and my girl, and all hope.

Understand me well when I say that seeing that desktop is like seeing my own child for the first time.  I am dead fucking serious, it makes me want to cry.

By Thursday I am going to have a minute long trailer for this project in the can. After over 1/3 of my life working on it, I will FINALLY have even the slightest bit of product, and it’s only taking a week to make.

No one cares but me. The art isn’t even that good, I’m lacking shading and depth in every other character, It’s a glorified fanfic. I know all this, but today is the biggest victory against my own personal demons, ever. 

I think I’ll mark it on my calender, today is a very good day… It’s April first, that’s more appropriate then I can even wrap my mind around.