Yesterday some pals from AZA and I went to check out Laser Voyage Cafe and their cool pirate themed laser tag arena.


I use to do laser tag a lot back in the early 90’s at an UltraZone in Tampa. I was seriously into it, and still wear the jacket every winter.

Most laser tag places I’ve been to have been lack luster, but I’m happy to say this one had a fun area with a lot of cool twists and turns.

After we played two games (and I was reminded I’m 20 years older now) we did their laser maze room.


This was REALLY cool, something I’ve never seen before.


The idea is that you go through the room like a super spy, hitting a button on the far side.


I actually managed to complete it on medium mode, it was surprisingly satisfying.


To finish off the night some of the gang played in the well stocked arcade.


They had some machines I had never seen before, I especially liked this deal or no deal rig.


Jared was pretty good at them, he got almost 200 tickets…


The handkerchief he got might have been a little bit of a let down though.


Lame prizes are expected though, it’s part of the charm, so the only downside about the whole thing was the scoring system.


I mean, you guys know I’m not big on competition but we couldn’t make heads of tales of this system.


Other then that though, it was a lot of fun.

If you find yourself on the north-side of Atlanta it’s a great way to spend a few hours and it’s reasonably priced too.

They mentioned that they may be expanding the area soon, so when they do I’ll have to go back.