Since my classes are afternoon to midnight, my sleep schedule is all backwards. I’ve been staying up later and later every night, or earlier and earlier every morning depending on how you look it.

on Sunday night I got up at 7pm and decided to just stay up all day. Since I was going to do that, I might as well have some fun, so I headed off to Disney world on my own. I ended up taking a whole bunch of pictures, so I’ll post them soon.

going by myself, and that early in the morning, is pretty cool, but the plan to equalize my sleep schedule backfired badly. I got home and went to sleep at 3pm and got back up at 12:30am… It’s now 11am and Ive been up all night AGAIN. I am so jet lagged it’s not even funny, now I’ll have to grab a nap to be able to make it to class again at 5pm today.

what was I doing all night you ask? Well I decided to continue to sharpen those illustrator skillz and work on another desktop image. I was happy with what I did yesterday, but I want to make sure I have as many diverse things as possible to show.

So let’s see.. I want something that’s not for girls this time, but with a lot of primary colors. Something that will be fun, but also unique…

Ahh! I know the perfect choice!

Click on the image for a the really big version.

That is once again Erik’s superhero persona, Dynamax. and It’s the second time I’ve used him for practice.


I think the desktop image came way way better then the painting, but the body could use a little more work, I might return to it later.

For now, it’s time for that nap I was just talking about. Hopefully I can fix this sleep problem tonight.