I couldn’t sleep last night so gabi and I watched Krull on netflix watch now feature.


Man, what a great movie!  There’s something about weird sword and sorcery movies from the 80’s that really hits the spot.  I think it’s because it did everything it could to be as epic as possible. I read on wiki that it was based on dungeons and dragons and I’m not surprised, I got that feeling right away myself.

It could also have been that I like the effects.  Sure you could tell it was blue screen, but you know what?  that’s real fire shooting out of his hands, not perfectly replicated CG. I’ll tel you right now that most of the effects in this movie look better then wolverine’s claws.

So like I said, if you have the day off, and want a really solid movie, you can check it out right now on nextflix

Let me know if you end up wathcing it, I’d love to know what you think.