Many people have asked me about the house and when will they get a virtual tour. I want to do that, but I don’t want to document how cluttered it was. I just want to share rooms that are done and make the slow change a positive thing.

After the success of the garage, Gabi and I decided to clean each room systematically starting from there, and that meant the kitchen was next. The garage was by far the wost room in the whole place (except the basement but that doesn’t count) so it only took us about a week of off and on work to finish.


Like before, I did the heavy lifting, cleaning out every single counter and drawer, (sometimes even old food.) and gabi did the detail work of making it spotless before we moved the things we wanted to keep back in. I would have been content with just wiping everything down, but Gabi went that extra 100 miles and steam cleaned every inch of the place and put down new lining for everything.



What we have now is a kitchen as clean as when it was brand new, eliminating any doubt to what tools we have, or if they are safe to use.

This is only the second room we’ve done, but so far our plan is working great. The only downside is that we have to put the old stuff somewhere for staging before its sorted and put back or into storage down stairs, and that means that our living room will be trashed most of the time as we continue to clean, but it won’t be long before the entire house is completed this way and we can finally enjoy our good fortune.

We wanted to have this done by next years dragoncon, but at this rate it will be done in half that time.