The art history class I have this month is really great. The assignment is to make something in the month that is original and portfolio worthy, there is not other requirement.

While it wouldn’t make since to do this every class, it rocks to have at least one with complete freedom while I’m here.  I’m using the time to make the boardgame I’ve had in my head since the day before I started school. Proving that I can make a complete game in a month is defiantly portfolio worthy to me.

Not only can I make art in any medium I want, but I can also do it whenever I want meaning that the labs are optional.  One of our days we did nothing but go to a museum


it was on rollins college and kinda small, but interesting.  My favorite part was arriving.  It was a beautiful day, the campus was spotless and I was rolling around on my motorcycle.  while everyone else had to search for parking, I got right up at the front of the place, w0rd!