After flying into California, it was the next day that the auction took place. In fact I spent very little time doing anything but this aution so most of the pictures are form this event.

Cool things to keep an eye out for: Me and Kevin Smith, JAMES and Kevin smith, The top of Jason Mews signing copies of the book I worked on (Kevin had singed them already), the super nice Auctioneers, A rubber set of balls with realistic hair, and me assaulting Kevin smith with a dildo without his knowledge.

Kevin turned out to be a really nice guy. He stated there for hours, signed everything people asked him too, and was happy to talk about all kinds of things.

He really liked the book I worked on too, was very impressed with it.

Join us tomorrow when I show the rest of the pictures I took… basically me flying home… but hey, it includes the most ridiculous warning sign I’ve ever seen!