Gabi and I went down to the AZA site today and found they were doing a photoshoot for some news coverage.

I didn’t know it was happening and didn’t bring my stuff. Lucky for me, not only was I wearing black work shoes and olive green shorts, I just happened to have the pant legs for it in the car. I grabbed some extra gear from the back and didn’t look too bad.

We took some cool pics and will be doing the same treatment to them that we did last year but I want to wait until the offical pictures have a chance to come out before I do so. There are two pictures I want to share now, one Gabi took and doesn’t give away much.

And this other picture of Joy because she is so tough and I know she wants it NOW!

I did make a few changes to this image as well as color correcting. I took all the things off the gun that made it look like fake.

I’m looking forward to sharing the other pictures but I’m really excited for the ones that were taken with the official camera. When that article comes out I’ll be sure to let you know.