As most of you know, I hang out on a board called 300DC.


 The point of the board is to help each other reach new levels of fitness specifically for DragonCon.  We encourage people to join us as spartan costumers, but that part is not necessary.  Hell, even the DragonCon part isn’t required, any convention will do.

Because we want to keep the board smallish, it is normally closed to new member registration. After the success of DragonCon, the powers that be have decided to open the HotGates once again.

We’ve already posted it on a few forums, but since it’s such a big part of my life that I had to tell all of you about it as well.  I’ve strait up stolen GotMauls thread post about it because I think he explains it better then I can.


300 DC is now open for Registration :

“This place was made for us costumers, BY us costumers”

If you…

-are a fan of the movie 300
-are trying to lose weight
-want to build your own Spartan like physique in time for the next Dragon Con
-want to look awesome in a six outfit (yes, women and (sigh) men)
-want to get in the best shape of your life
-want to learn proper nutrition and exercise from PEERS
-want to interact with friends who share common goals of fitness and costuming
-want to be held accountable by a fellow member dedicated to YOU.

…you are invited to join us.

What started out as a few folks trying to get shredded for Dragon Con ’07 has become a collective of enthusiastic folks who share all the pain, struggles and glory of becoming healthy and fit.

300 DC (Dragon Con) has become a place where a tight knit fitness family supports each other and shares the pains of working out, eating right and feeling like we have a new lease on life. We love sharing costuming with other genres and many of us are members of other costuming and props forums. Or if anyone has questions about nutrition, slimming techniques for parade day or “contest” days, we have a collective wealth of knowledge to share.

The site :

DC ’08:


If you have been on the edge of joining before, I highly suggest you do so now.  Hell, you don’t even have to post anything or jump on a treadmill right away.  This is a great way to get encouragement to start to do those things however.


I swear to you it’s possible.

update:  I decided to play around with the pics a bit