After Final Dance didn’t win the big AWA video contest I put a lot of thought into why it lost. Like I mentioned it’s page, it was the voting of editing peers that decided it, and I was troubled by that for a long time. How do I get a bunch of people I don’t know to vote for me… to think I was cool? I spent hours working out what made popular things popular and I came to three simple requirements for the winning video.

1. make it from a popular show
2. make it funny.
3. make it short.

This video is what I came up with. The show itself is El Hazard, and it was quite popular in it’s time. People will transfer their feelings of the show over to your work and give it an “awesome factor” that it wouldn’t have other wise. To have him lip sync to the song is amusing but also quite gimmicky. There is no substance to the video at all. The song ends a good minute and a half before it is suppose to, but the video is over before it wears out it’s welcome and the gimmick is seen for what it is.

I didn’t like what I had made all that much, but I was sure it was an unstoppable video and I was right. Every time I entered it in a contest it won. This made me feel loads better about the previous videos, but a bit disillusioned with AMVs. I was young, and I felt that giving people what they wanted instead of upholding “my vision” was selling out. I had proven to myself I could do it and was ready to move on. I pretty much retired to other projects, namely making a game show for AFO.. seemed easy enough.

It wasn’t until Big Damn GameShow and Saturday Morning Cartoons that I really came back to loving editing and the power it can have. Oh sure, it’s a two hour gimmick, but what’s wrong with that? People enjoy nostalgia, familiarity, and humor. I should give people what they want to see, it’s way more rewarding to do that way. (I’m looking at you Evangelion, Metal Gear II, Matrix and BattleStar)