We’ve had a busy month! There are a few stories I wanna share, but Gabi wrote up her view of the wedding and I think I’ll share that first.

The trifecta is complete. There will be punch and cookies for those who survived this onslaught of life. I will be reviewing the events in reverse order.

Congratulations James and Rosie. Your wedding was seriously fun. I will never get over the sentai poses and the Bad Touch Dance. I hope more couples can be as fun and non-cookie cutter as you two.

First the traditional…

ok, done with the usual….

Now for some Sentai Action. Mystical Brave Evolution Power UP!

Now Magical Girls True Love Affection Changing Beam!

Now the after party.
I saw this happen. They were gonna cut in but then things got confused and James was like whatever and started dancing with Richard. Richard’s girl danced with the bride.

Come on ride the train!

The next day we went to Disney World with the newlyweds.
I’m with Hook…

Yeah this could be an ad for Disney right here. That was my first time riding Dumbo.

and this was my fave picture of us from the weekend:

That was that, what a weekend.

pictures courtesy of Allen.

anime transformation names brought to you by the Anime Power Name Generator


thanks sweet-pea, although….

I like this pic a little better.