Last night I got my financial award letter for Fullsail. I got a couple of grants and loans, but the majority of it I’ll have to pay myself.

This letter made it hit home for me. This isn’t some “would be great” plan I have, this is the real thing. By October I will be a college student, and by 2010 I will be a college graduate.

I type it in and I say it out load, but it still doesn’t seem true. I keep expecting something to go wrong. “We’re sorry Mr Stolmeier, but we can’t give you a student loan because your T’s are not crossed and I’s not dotted.”

What I’ve been told is that these types of loans are easy to get, but it still makes me worried. I’ll feel like such a goober if I give into the excitement of being a student before I find out everything’s approved. The funny part is that after I start letting myself feel good about being accepted, I then have to start worrying about “will I be a good student” and “will I get a job that’s worth all the money I’m about to spend”
I think the answer to both of those questions is yes, but that’s not going to stop me for feeling a little bit of anxiety over it.

To change the subject to fun things, I’ve decided to get myself into better shape before dragoncon, and subsequently before school. Over at my favorite forum the colonial fleet I’ve entered a friendly competition to become the most improved physic in a 60 day period. The idea is to post a before and after pic, once the before is out there it’s motivation to improve because the world can see it. We’ll I think its a grand idea so I’m going to do it here to.

oh yea, sexy man. feel free to leave comments like “fatty fat fat fatty” I’ll use it as fuel for fire.