You might have noticed I’ve been playing a lot of video games lately.  I’m not sure if I ever told anyone, but I made a promise to myself not to get distracted by movies, tv, or games until school if finished.  I only binge like this when I have an opening in my school schedule to do so, and starting tomorrow I’m going to have class every day again in subjects I find interesting, so I’m getting my game on while I can.

I needed something short and fun to play so I booted up the Orange Box and replayed Portal.

My phone decided to make another Gabi Puzzle, and since it’s portal related I’m putting it here.


After playing that game through for the 5th time, all I can say was that it was a triumph. I’m making a not here, huge success!  If you haven’t played that game, a new upgraded version is coming out for Xbox live soon so I would get it if I were you.

Speaking of Xbox live I also decided to play the downloadable content they released for mass effect months ago.


I think I’m the only Mass Effect fan that didn’t grab this one right away.  Turns out there is a bonus to waiting because it was on sale.  I got it for about 3 bucks, awesome!

This is the perfect game to end my slow school time with because it’s just long enough for me to enjoy it on my last day off, tomorrow I start film and advanced computer graphics.  Two topics I already have experience in and would love to go further in that direction.  Most important is that I am going to learn how to use the blue screen and HD cameras in our stat of the art digital filming stage.  Looking way forward to that.