Today I finally got my hands on the HD footage we shot last week. It took most of my four hour lab to capture the footage so I have just started the edit.

I was going to export a few frames but I’m not sure how to do that with with finalcut, so instead I’ve taken a screen grab of my entire timeline so far.


You can click on the picture to see a bigass version of it.

Another thing of note is that I took a survey for fullsail and they gave me a 30 dollar gift certificate for amazon. I used it to buy a 500 gig portable firewire/usb/esata hard drive. 


Shipping was free so it only cost me 88 bucks out of pocket.  This worked out prefectly because I got it the day before I captured all that footage, and that means I can carry all 80 gigs of it around with me and edit from my laptop even outside lab.

I’m impressed with how clean the HD files are and how smooth they edit even on the laptop.  I may have to get one of these cameras cus I don’t know if I’ll be able to go back to standard DV.