I’m havening a pretty fun holiday vacation.

It’s nice to have a new game to play when you have a lot of time off, but I’m still pretty lonely.  I keep calling and bugging my friends but they are all “busy” with “family”  bah who needs em, I’ll play all the parts myself!

I picked up a mic stand on the cheap, but something was missing…


ahh that’s better!

Now I can rock out and sing at the same time… well I don’t actually know how many will say the sounds I make count as singing so I should probably say that I can use both guitar and mic at the same time.  Still, I think it’s fun, and the neighbors havn’t complained yet so I’m going to call it a win.

What are you doing for new years?  Gabi and I haven’t decided yet.  what ever we do I bet I can sneak rock band into it somehow.