I’m working on Weakest Geek 2.0 : THE BOX, and I need a little help.

As you might guess THE BOX aspect of the show is main focus now.  In the past I would have three players at a time going through identical boxes to find an item, and that meant I had to have three identical objects for each box.

This time it’s been redesigned for one player at a time in a larger,  transparent, light up box. I can have better things to search for then what I find at the dollar store, and I’m hoping for a little help with that.

can everyone check their junk bin for action figures they don’t display anymore? What I need is 3 to 12 inch figures that are not sharp for people to search for, damaged cheap, or just weird things are a plus.

Please let me know if you have anything. Time is short on this because of a class project I’ll come to you to get it.