I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time, and netflix has finally sent Iron Sky.

And now that I’ve seen it… I didn’t like it.


The movie was beautifully shot and wonderfully acted, but the story suuuucked!

And I don’t just mean it was bland, or nonsensical, Nazi on the moon should have lots of weird camp.

This movie was so bad I couldn’t get though it, that should tell you something.

The only way I saw all of the visuals was to switch to the commentary track. That’s how much I hated everything everyone in the film was saying.

I didn’t hate it because of anything offense, it was just really stupid.

The dialog and actions were strait out of a late 90’s Sci Fi channel series. It makes the 4th season of Lexx seem sensible and I couldn’t stand it.

So yea, don’t watch this movie unless you need a lesson in visual effects like I do. It’s great as a demo real, it’s god awful as a film.