Yesterday I mentioned wearing a new outfit to the Peach Drop in Atlanta for new years.

Peter with Iron Man

Well the Iron Man shirt I was wearing got a lot more attention then I expected from friends and random strangers a like.

It’s even been big on facebook, getting way more likes then a profile picture should, so I thought I’d make a post about the shirt and where I got it.


The way it works is a set of ultrabrite leds that stick to the inside of the shirt with velcro.

Iron Man Shirt Off

The lights shine right through the normal cotton shirt, and they really glow on their own.

Iron Man Shirt On

The shirt is well made and very comfortable to wear, The disc is pretty thin so you don’t really notice it until some one points it out.

If I get bored with this shirt or it starts to fade I may attach it to something else so it’s got some life to it.

This is licensed from Marvel and I got it on think geek for Christmas. It seems like it’s a limited edition thing, but right now it’s only 20 bucks if you want one.