A few weeks ago I finally fixed my broken ass screen on my phone.

Of course, as soon as I posted about it people asked why I hadn’t yet learned my lesson and gotten a case.

The reason was that I wanted to find the exact case I needed and I finally did.

I wanted it to be small and non-intrusive, but mainly I wanted it to be more useful then not having it. So I kept searching till I found a thin one with a stable kickstand.

This lets me set my phone up for times when I’m sitting in one place for a while like on extra gigs.

If you look close you can see that there is a rubber lip that goes around the entire screen, this is the main feature that keeps the glass from breaking because it stops it from making contact with the ground when dropped.

One of the reasons this case doesn’t protect the screen more is that it comes with a bigger belt clip it can slide into, that also has an adjustable kickstand.

I don’t plan to use this on my belt, but it’s still going to be incredibly useful.

This is basically an upgrade to the well proven GPS Glove Mod I’ve been using for years, so I’m confident it won’t come off, and since it’s my phone I can run the headphones to it and finally hear the directions while I ride.

So yea, really pleased with it. Not only is it exactly what I wanted, but it was super cheap, only 4.99 on amazon.

I ended up buying two so I can mount the other belt clip to the car. When I get around to that I’ll make a post about it too.