My iPhone 4 arrived last week and so far I love it, its an upgrade in every way. But just like the first time, the main reason I got this phone was for the camera so I thought I would do a little side by side to show the difference.

iPhone 1

iPhone 3g (not 3gs)

iPhone 4 front camera

iPhone 4 back camera

iPhone 4 back camera with flash

and just to be complete a cannon hv3 HD video camera on still mode with flash

The difference is amazing, in this example I actually like the final phone pic better then HD one.

The new phone can do video as well, eventually I’ll take some in different conditions to see how nice it can get.

So far the iphone 4 has performed better then expected, but the real test comes next week when I go down to Anime Festival Orlando for a whole week. I plan to take a lot of pics and video so when I get back I can tell you how good it really is.