It’s that time again, International Nog Day is upon us!

On December 8th all you have to do is grab your favorite festive cup and take of photo with it.

The glass can have egg nog or an alternative, it doesn’t matter.

You can send me the photo via the Facebook event page, Twitter, Email, or the comments below. I’ll collect the photos and host them here on my site.

It’s a lot of fun, and means a lot to me to see strangers on the list, so don’t be shy!

check out previous years and get ready to say cheese!


First up is Gabi and I!


Trey Tackett beat everyone to the punch a few days early to keep the ponies at bay.

Trey Tackett

Ann Gabele drinks nog with a happy jolly soul

Ann Gabele

Raymound Rappaport was next with a reindeer cup.
Raymond Rappaport

Deane Geiken likes his Nog with some chaos.

Deane Geiken

Sarah Donohoe is ready for a old fashioned fun

Sarah Donohoe

Joe Faillo agrees

Joe Faillo

Karen Murphy uses her kat as proxy

Karen Murphy

So does Zach Gaskins

Zachery Gaskins

The Sheild’s Family Nog’s out back

The Sheilds Family

My pop, Peter Stolmeier Sr likes his Nog served tall


The Countess likes her Nog hot


DJx Prime shares his nog with a penguin and an elf
DJx Prime

He also shares some of nog’s nog across the galaxy
DJx Prime (2)

Erin McDowell drink his nog with yoda, the jedi master that trained me
Erin McDowell

Phil Speiser sneaks in a little nog at work
Phil Speiser

Sundance Benkinnie enjoys his with Marilyn Monroe
Sundance BenKinnie

Allison Maier shares some with Spy
Allison Maier and Spy

Brian Styron just returned from the Kingdom of the Crystal Nog
Brian Styron

Eddie Pieta goes classy with the glass from 1978
Eddie Pieta

Hal Lilly gets surreal with this drink
Hal Lilly

Katie enjoys her mug
Katie Baker 1

and shares with with Thor
Katie Baker

Kay Shapero goes for a different, but still festive drink
Kay Shaepero

Micheal Huelsewische has his nog with pumpkin
Micheal Huelsewiesche

Nick Write thinks nog is great, but you don’t have to take my word for it
Nick Wright

Ryan Collins has his at Kilt Enterprises
Ryan Collins

Teresa Gonzales found the mug she was looking for
Teresa Gonzales

Matt Spence and Katie Legg ain’t afraid of no nog
Matt Spence

Drew Flynn goes for Jack and Ginger instead
Drew Flynn

Greg Wiggins has his nog with Jessica
Greg Wiggins

This is just the beginning! come back throughout the day to see more!