It’s that time again, International Nog Day is upon us!

On December 8th all you have to do is grab your favorite festive cup and take of photo with it. The glass can have egg nog or an alternative, it doesn’t matter.

You can send me the photo via the facebook event page, twitter, Email, or the comments below. I’ll collect the photos and host them here on my site.

It’s a lot of fun, and means a lot to me to see strangers on the list, so don’t be shy!

check out previous years and get ready to say cheese!

First up is this magical picture from William Alexander
william alexander

Then I leave cyber space long enough to join in.
Peter Stolmeier 01

Joy Shealy lights up the camera as well as the tree.
Joy Kathleen Shealy

Angie Bert and her Babie snuggle up for a glass.
Angie Suzan Bert

Ren, Woodruff, and Cindy enjoy their nog together.
Ren Johnson Woodruff Anderson Cindy Brockway03

Brittany, Kevin, and giant tree Kürz toast another great nog day.
Kevin And Brittany Kurz

Ryan Collins has his nog at Kiltman productions HQ.

Christina Stolmeier enjoys her eggnog with a friend.
Christina Stolmeier

Allison Maier is next with a CRAZY festive cup.
allison maier

Connie Hart hasn’t finished her Nog yet.

Djx Prime Knows how the fox tastes. (it tastes like delicious nog)

Debbie and Tim Shields love nog… really… he does.
Debbie Sheilds

Newlyweds Megan and Kenny Shields celebrate while Kenny is out to sea.

David Martin asks “Got Nog?”

Phil Speiser has reversed the polarity… OF FLAVOR!
Phil Speiser

Sophia tries her first ever nog AND LOVED IT OF COURSE!

Chris Taylor makes sure his cup has a matching scarf.
Chris Taylor

Scott Landia does it Space Invaders style.
Scott Land

Janet Lockman enjoys her nog at home.
Janet Lockman

Annie Eaton and Jake Lance are “just ahead” with their nog glasses.
Annie Eaton and Jake Lance

Magus Dethen is at old salt with this.
Magus Dethen

Apostate Nate drinks his nog near his invisible tree.
Apostate Nate

Joe and Debbie Stolmeier light up the room!
Joe and Debbie Stolmeier

Nick Wright knows the power of nog even if the rest of the house has yet to learn.
Nick Wright

Dawn Jarrels drinks from a very “special” Santa cup.
Dawn Jarrels

Lisa Marie Morris likes nog and snowflakes.
Lisa Marie Morris

Heather Todd and Cash enjoy their nog together… even cash… really!
Todd Heather and Cash

See? he likes it!
cash first nog

Brandon Scoggins drinks his nog IN A STEEL CAGE!
Brandon Scoggins

Dennis Gates is relaxing after work.
Dennis Gates

Katie Baker enjoys some Almond Milk in the spirit of Nog day.
Katie Baker

Zachery Gaskins says “Noggy nog nog, here it goes down, right into my belly… Accompanied by a healthy shot of Rumchata.”
Zachery Gaskins

Trey and Megan took their nog out of the house.
trey and megan

Vince Morris wishes you were there.
Vince Morris

David Hicks enjoys his nog in a glass.
David Hicks

Jasmine Hicks does too.
Jasmine Hicks

Kent Hicks doesn’t have that kind of time!
Kent Hicks

Sam Songdog likes her nog with a little praline pecan liqueur.
Tam Songdog

Fayth Tir Miller lips are sealed.
Fayth Tir Miller

Jonathan T. Nielsen and Bryan A. Espinoza share the season together.

Jonathan Oliver remembers the basics of Nog-Q-C
Jonathan Oliver

Rosie Panto enjoys some nog with us every year.
Rosie Panto

Fari Hekmat is ready for Christmas.
Fari Hekmat

Madelynn Vasquez enjoys some nog flavored coffee in the car.
Madelynn Vasquez

Brian Styron “Is ready to believe NOG!”
Brian Styron

Erin Panto and Ben are filled with holiday cheer.
Erin Panto

Pete, Marion, David, Kaylee, and Leigh enjoy some nog together before a well deserved vacation.
(one of them is dressed as Santa Claus, I’ll let you guess who)
the stolmeier clan

And finally Gabi and I finish up the year!

Thanks to everyone who joined us this year, I can’t wait to do it again!