December 8th is International Nog Day, the official start of the Wacko Christmas season!

To join in, all of you have to do is take a picture of yourself with a glass of Eggnog in a festive cup anytime on December 8th.

I’ll collect the photos and host them here on my blog for posterity!

Gabi and I got ours done just after midnight.

My uncle Joe was first to submit, he got it done a whole day early!

Family friend Gillian Brown was next with another bottle and glass.

Michael Hoerman proved that it’s not just me, Christmas magic is in every glass!

Chris Green saw the writing on the wall and had some before it was too late!

Charles Richards likes his Nog to bite back!

My Aunt Debbie had some for herself…

…and her new buddy, Buddy likes it too!

Donald Abebe knows it taste best right from the carton.

Pez Roan makes Florida look like the north pole

Hall Lilly likes to drink his Nog outside

Magus Dethen drinks his Nog in a goblet with a +1 in festive

Jeff Kiker puts the Xfiles in Xmas

The whole Guminski clan joined in starting with Mike…

Then Heather

And finally Brianna

Michael Lee Röhm drinks it with a friend

Or is it that Raven Freyja is sharing it with Michael Lee Röhm?

My oldest friend Elvin Lewis break out a little drummer boy…

while Derek Lumley uses a snowman.

James and Rosie have their Christmas Nog in their new home.

Erin Panto nog is Santa Clause approved.

Jonathan Oliver’s hat is now cooler then ever

Cousin Amber Stolmeier Nog cup matches the wall.

Trey Tackett made his cup festive in a really awesome way!

Sammi Raposa likes to drink it English style.

Todd, Heather, and little Cash have their first Nog as the family Brannon.

Freiherr Albrecht von Schmendrick-Bergschrund likes to drink his Nog old school

Scott Lann turned his in a little later, but still under the wire.


Cousin Christina Stolmeier got Santa cups specifically for this!

My nieces Leah and Kaylee Stolmeier have their very first Nog.

And finally my parents Peter and Marion Stolmeier finish us where it began in my family’s Tampa home.

Wow that is A LOT of pictures, and they are not even all in yet! If you didn’t get it done today, don’t worry if you send it to me in the next few days I’ll still add it.

Thanks so much for participating in my holiday!

This year we had 90 people participate over 30 submit pictures. I’m hoping it will just grow from here!

Have a very Happy Holiday everyone, and I hope this upcoming year brings you much joy!