Just like last year it’s time for Nog day!

Told you I’d make a poster of it.

This year I made a facebook event and a lot of people joined up. It’s not too late if you want to do it too.

To cerebrate all you have to do is have some egg nog anytime today, preferably in a Santa or Christmas themed cup and preferably for the first time of the year.

If you do decide to join in, you should take a picture and link it below. (if you have trouble with that, email it to me and I’ll a-post it!)

—- UPDATE: as advertised!

Me early morning

My Mom and Dad

My Aunt Debbie, Uncle Scott, and Cousin Kenny

Buddy Mappy with the healthiest version

Anime friend Johnathan

Battlestar buddy Kristyn

Most of these were pulled form facebook, it’s amazing how much that site IS the internet right now.