Yesterday I talked about how the new mustache / beard I’ve been playing around with is unintentionally making me a lot tougher then I am.

Well, coincidently, I’ve been looking for a motorcycle to transport back and forth to school and I can’t deny that having a bike is a badass thing to do.

I mainly want it because I dislike using my bigass car for an 8 mile commute.  Not only does a bike get anywhere from 70 – 90 miles a gallon, but it is also more maneuverable and parking is a dream. It will cut my travel time down by 5 minutes and make the cost per day a fraction of what it is now… besides in a level 3 zombie outbreak a motorcycle is the only way to get out, and I need to know how to ride one.

 This is another one of those genres where everyone has an opinion as to what the best thing to do is, so as soon as I tell you what model I’m looking at, someone will tell me “X” is crap, “Y” is better. However there is no point in doing a blog writeup and keeping  what I have in mind a secret is there?

The Kawasaki Ninja 250r.


That’s the older model, they recently did a revamp of it, but I don’t plan on buying new.

There are three main reasons why I like this model.

1. I find this type of bike to be more esthetically pleasing. I don’t want a “hog”
2. Like with my mustang, it’s a ridiculously popular bike. That means they are cheap to come by, parts and mods are plentiful, and people know how to work on them.
3. it’s known as a “beginner bike” because of its relatively low power.  But low power depends on what you are comparing it to.  This thing goes way faster then I want to out of the box, like over a hundred.  Screw more powerful models.

I am going to come into a little bit of money in May so that’s when I’m going to start to really look for one.  In the meantime, I’m keeping an eye on Craig’s list and eBay to see how the market is.

You’d be surprised; if I’m lucky I get a newish low mile bike for as low as 800 bucks.

I don’t have to have this exact model by the way, it’s what I’m using at a frame of reference. If I find another similar bike for the right price at the right time I’ll get it instead.