Late into September one of my biggest hard drives died. I was able to recover the data, but it spooked me enough to want to back it up in a more reliable way.

At fist I was looking for a usb drive that I could RAID but found pretty quick that networked attached storage (NAS) was what I needed.

The one I got was the D-link Share Center 320 and it’s freaking great!

It has a 2tb and a 1tb drive with a RAID 1 config. That gives me one Terrabite that’s on its own and another that is totally mirrored.

In other words, if something happens to my drive the important stuff is duplicated so not only do I have it backed up, but it automatically shuts the bad drive down and recreates the mirror when I get around to buying another.

This is just the most basic good news, it also has a handful
of cool features worth talking about:


  • It plugs directly into the network so it’s stored in the basement away from any soda spills or dash and grab theft.

  • It auto configured to the network so now every device in the house can see it without trying. This includes the Xbox and the iPhone

  • It has automatic peer to peer software so it can download torrents without using any of the computers. This speeds things up noticeably.

  • It is fast enough to access HD video so I can work on projects directly from it.

  • It’s upgradeable so I can add more TBs if I ever needed it.

    Combine all that with it being only 99 bucks and I’m a VERY happy.

    Before I got this I didn’t use a network at all, I was doing it the Galactica way and manually plugging drives into the computer that needed the data. As you can imagine this is a significant upgrade.

    I like most features “the cloud” had but I don’t trust that stuff to hold my data. Now that I have it totally in-house I’m going to get a lot more out of it.

    By the way I realize this doesn’t totally protect my data. Without an off site backup I may still loose things, but it’s a hell of a lot better then what I had.