Recently I upgraded my phone to a Galaxy Note 3. I’ve been really happy with it but it’s so big it can’t fit in my cup holder.

Using it while driving was getting a tad dangerous so I’ve added mount on the dashboard.


The holder was originally meant to use a suction cup.


I’ve always had bad luck suction and didn’t want it on the windshield anyway so I took it apart and added my own hinge.


I originally wanted to use the erector set parts that are already shaped like I needed, but I couldn’t find one in the right size so I got a new bag of straight pieces and bent one.


The result is really nice! The holder has a nice spring action to fit whatever phone we care to put in it.


I’ll have to have it for a while before I know if it’s the optimal solution, but so far it seems to be.

It actually makes me wonder why it’s not standard in cars already.