Thanks to his ability to Switch, Mack Newton is able to transform into the incredible iMan whenever danger is near! He never crashes, is always reliable, and is easy to use and understand. iMan: hero differently!

This video was created for the 2007 apple film festival.  We had 24 hours to write, shoot, and edit a movie together. I think it came out rather well for being done so quickly.  This was only my second month of college so I hadn’t learned how to use any of the tools we just received. I made the entire film with nothing but iMovie.  I did this mainly to get extra points from apple, like there weren’t enough references for them to fan boy over already.

At the begging of the class we broke into groups and formed production companies, this is POWERdown productions.


Going out and getting cool photos of our group was actually an assignment.  Looking at it now, it makes me want to do that with any group I work with in the future. You never know when you might need it.


Since this was so early in into school, these assets came to use soon after in a few assignments.


Both of these were done for photoshop 101, learning proper layout and typography didn’t come till months later.


Only two of us made it to graduation, one transferred to another degree program, and the other had to drop out soon after this course due to finances and that makes iMan even more special to me.