Gabi says I have to feed myself today, she dosn’t feel like cooking.
so this is it, I’m going to die.

I’ts been a fun trip, I look back on my life and am overall pleased. Nothing I can do now but sit in the corner and wait for death. oh sure, I could try to cook the mac and cheese, but that would require I get up from the computer.. and well, that just dosn’t seem likly… so I’m just going to suck and up and die like a man.

It’s been fun, kids.

On the edge of death, I realized that if I was to go quietly into the good night now, I would not be able to watch season 4 of BSG

Frak That!

so I ran into the kitchen and started the hot water… they came out pretty good, even gabi liked them!

after gabi got her plain mac and cheese I added some hot dogs and some garlic powder. it was tasty!

so I have triumphantly made dinner, and got away with only minor injures!

Go me!