I didn’t say much about it at the time, but a while back I picked up Arkham Asylum and really enjoyed the hell out of it.

That cleaver bastard!

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Arkham Asylum was all the things I loved about Metal Gear but with a dude dressed up like a Bat and significantly less mullets. Even thought it came out in 2010, it was going to be my 2011 game of the year until Metal Gear HD over road it.

So after the fail that was Mass Effect 3 (something I’ll post about soon when I have all the parts I need of it) I wanted something that, while I couldn’t trust wouldn’t shake my belief in good story telling, would at least not end in tears and picked up it’s sequel.

I played it over the weekend while I recovered from my tooth being pulled and have to say it was a lot of fun!

while lacking some of the cohesion of the first game there’s a lot to explore and do, and it once again is a perfect argument for the execution of dangerous criminals…

I know Batman would be against my reading of that but come on, Joker should have been shot dead in the last game.

Anyway, if you’re looking for something that’s got great game play and pays attention to detail you should pic it up, it’s fun.