Like I said the other day when I was doing some off the clock training, I have found myself with an exciting job and started today.

Basically what I do for a living now is make training material for engineers and power plant workers with Adobe flash.

You could said I’m a flash developer but in a real way I’m an animator, taking dry diagrams and turning them into more visually stimulating learning tools.

My schedule is crazy early, (I get up at 5am now!) but it’s worth the trade for the benefits. I’m going to be working in the office, but I was issued a laptop to do all my work on.

I’m super lucky though, because the only available desk is the editor bay, so it’s pretty similar to my home rig.

Sadly I know that I will eventually be pulled away from this sweet machine when they build the new office, but for now this rocks!

If my first day is any indication I’m a good fit for the position. Applying the skills I’ve learned making videos the last few years can be almost directly translated into flash’s keyframe system.

I expect to learn the things I don’t know fast, and that’s good for job security. Also I bring things to the table they do not currently have, so I may find myself back in after effects and premiere eventually.

In fact, one of the only downsides is the distance…

I’m basically an hour away from the office, so I get to enjoy the entire city of Atlanta form one side to the other every day now. And even this isn’t so bad. this picture is misleading because of how early I roll out, I really only see a few minutes of slow down.

Obviously I have to wait before i know for sure, but this seems like a really great place to work…

I even got a coffee mug, and tomorrow I’ll tell you why.