My car wouldn’t start this morning because the battery was dead.  It would only do something like that if I went several days without starting it.

How long have I been in the house?  since Thursday’s night?  4 days?!  damn I need to get out.  I was going to get a jump from Gabi and go to the water park, but unfortunately it is too cold for that, so I’ve gone to plan B.

Stay up ALL DAY like Jordan suggested and set my sleep schedule right again.  I’ll play games, read wiki and work on my motion graphics final until I can’t see strait and go to sleep at about 9pm today.

I’ve been up since 1am, so that’s going to be about 20 hours strait with only 5 hours of sleep before hand.  Once I’ve done that I’ll try to go to the water park tomorrow if the weathers nice, but even if it’s not I’m getting out of the house!  I’ll go for a jog or something.

Oh, and since I have hours to kill, and can only read for so long I might get bored and shave my head again, just a heads up.