…and the only cure for that fever is more political coverage.

I told myself I wouldn’t post more then one blog about it, but after I voted today I totally got swept up in the election,  it was so much fun to watch!

Because I was at school I watched it streaming on MSNBC


When I got home Gabi and I watched the coverage on ABC in the bed room.  We stayed in there because the big tv doesn’t get over the air tv or cable. I kinda wish we did because CNN did some pretty neat things too.

Finally I was impressed with both speeches given. McCain was heart felt and sincere.  I believe it when he says he’s ready to get back to work.

Obama was the same way.  No smiles and fireworks, no fucking around.  It was to the point and serious has hell.  He’s ready to kick some ass.


Let’s hope he does.

Notice I didn’t say anything about a bad 8 year or race,  That kind of talk really irks me.  We’re a great country and we’re awesome, and we don’t hold race or sex against someone despite how easy it is to believe we do. 

I’ve always felt that way and I’m ecstatic that I finally have the proof to go with it.