My temp job ended on Monday and normally this would have me feeling down. For some reason this time it didn’t. I was eager to leave and start my search for an internship that would really challenge me.

Well, thanks to full sail career development it didn’t take long and I’ve gotten a 6 month gig at Tree Sound Studio’s starting today!

My main responsibility will be helping launch some new websites, but over time there are some exciting ideas that I’m chomping at the bit to be a part of. Assuming I do well there is a goal of being hired at the end so fingers crossed on that too.

Has you can imagine I have to be careful about what I talk about, but I have been given permission to say the name of the shop and let you know about things going forward. For example they are starting an audio school here that you Atlantians might be interested in.

I can’t believe how quickly this has all happened, I started the week jobless and now I’ve finally started moving forward. I came in today expecting a second interview and I was put to work right away. I’m still here in fact but wanted to get the post out so you guys know it work out.

I suddenly feel like all the work is paying off.