I got quite a few things done today.

1. went to sea world for about 3 hours (Car gave me a free pass)
2. left sea world way to early to film more things for Wheldon Smiley II: Still Smilin’
3. got my oil changed
4. got my car washed and waxed

A guy at work looks a lot like me, so he helped me out big time by being my double for evil game show host Wally Allgood. All I have to do now is film just a little more with Wheldon, then shave my head and get Wallys close up shots.

Thanks a million Chris, i really appreciate it. I’ll post pics up soon.

My car is looking great! I love it just after it’s been cleaned because it looks like some cooler guys car, not like something I’m allowed to own. When I got this car (at a really good price I might add) I swore I would keep it up to snuff and I think I’ve kept to the promise for the most part. I’d post a picture of how nice it looks but I can’t currently have the camera so I put that up later too.