see this man?

I hate him.

No, I mean I really hate him. Like a Darth Lord of the Sith, I’m using my hatred to fuel my workout.

I’m totally glad I’m doing this, I know it’s worth it, and I know I’ll have Tony Horton to thank for it, but you know what? I still hate him and the p90x he road in on.

Month two of the program has started and that means today was my first day of chest shoulders & Triceps. It involved a lot of push ups and dumbbells but, thank the gods, no pull ups. This program is sending me leaps and bounds beyond what I could do by myself, but I do feel like I’m a little behind. I’m glad I have the amount of time I do before megacon. I can tell I’m going to have to go though this twice before I can really “bring it” in a way I personally find satisfactory.