At least one person comes to this post everyday from an google search. My guess is that they are looking for where “I am interfaced” comes from. Originally it was from the mystery science theater 3000 episode Overdrawn at the memory bank.

Here’s a link to the episode via netflix if you interested
, it really is a good one.

and now our regularly scheduled blog post….


The internet was turned on a few days ago, and last night I got my main PC back online.


She’s not 100% but all of the primary functions work so it will help me with the job search. It was hard going laying in a guest bed with just the laptop, having all three monitors in my own personal space will make it much easier.

As for the rest of the utilities: The water is on but leaking someplace so I have to shut it off at the source. The Gas and AC will have to wait a while because maintenance will have to be done before we’re ready for that. It could be some time before I can have a hot shower again.

all that said, things are finally starting to calm down into a comfortable routine. Georgia suits me pretty well because I don’t actually need AC to be comfortable.