This is a tutorial I wrote for my buddies over at the 300dc forums.

Gabi and I were watching a podcast called Photoshop user TV a few weeks ago and they went over how to do “the 300 effect” known better to us as The Crush!

We both think this looks great, so I thought I would make up a quick guide about how to do it.

Two quick things before we start.

1. I don’t want to accidentally take credit for these settings, the guys over at photoshop user tv did all the research.

2. Feel free to send me any image you’d like and I’ll crush it for you. Since I now have it as a preset, it takes no work or time for me to do this. I put the instructions here if you want it for your own projects.

Ok? lets begin.

From Adobe Bridge, find the file you want to change and hit Command/Control + R
This will open the picture in a plug in called Camera Raw. I’d get into the history of it, but I doubt you guys are interested so lets skip.

We’re going to set up a preset so that you can crush any photo whenever you want, but we have to go through it the hard way at least once.

Click on the HSL / Grayscale icon and then click on the saturation tab. There you will see all the colors in the photo.
Turn all the colors to -100.
Turn Red back up to +30
Turn Orange back up to -25


That looks kick ass already don’t it?

Go back to the basic tab and
Turn he fill light slider to 70
Turn the blacks to 17
Turn clarity all the way up to 100
Turn contrast to 20


Go to the lens corrects tab and set lens vignetting to -90


go to split toning
Turn the highlight saturation to 20
Turn the shadow hue 99
Turn shadows saturation to 30
Finally change the balance to -90 and your done.


Now that we’ve done all that work, we of course want to save the preset. That way we just open a picture in Camera Raw and push one button to get the crush every time.
Go to the preset tab
click the save button
name it The Crush


I hope that’s helpful you, but if any of that doesn’t make any since don’t hesitate to just send me the file. I’ll be happy to crush it up for you.