Way back at FX 2008 I picked up a Battlestar action figure that I had stored in my Dr Steel Propaganda Box this entire time.

I’ve always liked the Battlestar space suits and that’s why I picked this up. I could have gotten Apollo or Starbuck but I thought, nah Hot Dog is totally awesome!

“hey Dad, can I borrow the keys to the viper?”

Now that I’ve taken him out of the package I’m really pleased with the sculpt.

I don’t know much about how they make modern toys, but it must have been 3d scanning. This is pretty much what the suit looks like in real life.

The belt is separate and comes with a season one blaster.

Here, check this thing out…

And now a full sized replica.

The helmet is removable and he comes with gloveless hands, but I like him better in the suit.

Now that he’s out of the box I’ve put him up on my wall of super awesome.

Yes, the dream team of Action Einstein, Solid Snake, Enzo Matrix and HotDog CAN NOT BE STOPPED!