I love my treadmill but it’s starting to die. When I turn it up to 5 or 6 mph it makes a squeaking sound I can and I can see a spot where the belt is going to eventually fray.

I need it for when it’s raining or I’m pressed for time, so to make up for it I’ve built a track in the yard.

What do I mean by built? Well the back yard is practically it’s own Forrest. you can see in the map above that satellite view can’t see through the canapé

The ground is covered in pine needles, vines, and branches so I had to mow, cut, and dig a track that I could safely run in.

The other big advantage of being outside is elevation. Unlike Florida there can be 20 feet or more difference in a short distance.

Using the google pedometer app, I know that the course I have is a little short of .09 of a mile so running it 11 times gives me a mile.

Since my goal is 5 miles in an hour that’s 55 loops on the course. I found myself loosing track quick so I grabbed something from the basement I could use as a counter.

This is a desk calendar I was originally going to put in my TARDIS console. Obviously it won’t go to 55 like I need it to but I can use the month’s on the bottom to keep track of miles so when it goes past 31 I won’t get lost.

I’ve used it already and it works great, running up the hill is murder at the moment.

I plan to make the track look really nice over time, something you might find in a park or nature trail. I might even put rocks or bricks on the boarders to make it pretty.

This of course makes me want to make the whole back yard look nice, something that I’m sure will make the neighbors quite happy.