I couldn’t sleep last night so I finally finished the home gym. The room has been functional for over a month, but this was Gabi’s old room and it still had stuff of hers on the shelf’s and drawers.

I’m not calling any of the rooms “complete” until I’m comfortable taking a picture of every wall. It’s just wasn’t a gym with sailor moon posters and lacy curtains.

It’s a weird feeling to finally have a place to put the little toys I’ve been collecting over the years. There’s still some pretty choice items boxed up where I can’t reach them, so once I tackle the storage room (soon to be Gabi’s sewing center) I’ll revisit this area for it’s own post.

The main focus here is the gym equipment anyway.

I’ve talked about The BMI 9000 machine before, so there’s not much to say except mine is a little bent. It may look bad but it is still structurally sound.

I have no idea what the above machine is called, but it works out the abs really well. I have a hard time using it because it strains the nerves at the base of my spine, but I think that will get better as I get stronger while working on the other gear.

Also, notice the speaker on the floor, that’s an old karaoke machine from the basement that I plug my iphone into so I can get some kickin’ tunes while I work.

You know I’ve just realized that all of the gear in this room was given to me, or a found item of some kind. Not bad.

The treadmill was in the garage for the longest time, moving it here makes it possible to get the whole workout at once. It’s also notable that this was the last thing from our apartment to be moved into the house.

The shield is screwed to the wall with holes that were already there when I bought it, it’s nice to know it’s secure but you can see the screws and that’s annoying.  I may paint them when I get the chance.

Now all I have to do is use it regularly! I have a goal of being in shape by dragoncon so I can do some fun super hero costumes. Starting up the training is going slower then I thought but I’m still confident I can get there.