I found a guy online that is selling a similar machine to mine with the manual included.

I contacted him and he scanned it for me so now I’ll be able to assemble it per factory instructions.

Beyond that though, I’m also trying to find more about the company just because there doesn’t seem to be a trace of it on the internet. This was clearly a well built machine, and according to older people I’ve spoken to, it was pretty common all over the U.S. until the mid 80’s when boflex came on the scene.

There being zero information about it online is really bizarre and it doesn’t seem right that we can dedicate pages of information to the most mundane things but nothing to this, so I’m making it a hobby to track this down.

I plan to gather as much data about the different models and applications as I can so I can post it online for posterity. I think that the fine-print in the manual will have the clues to guide me to who the manufacturers were, or at the very least what BMI stood for to help in my search. Body mass index is all you’ll find online and that term was invented after this company went under.

So far this guys Craig’s list post, three low resolution photographs, and a store that sells replacement seats are all the net has to offer. I hope to correct that in the near future.