I installed Windows Vista yesterday and overall I’m pleased. Normally when you install a new OS you have to spend a day installing drivers and changing settings, but not this time. So far I have only installed one driver, the rest works out of the box.

Remember how ugly XP was when it booted up, with all the stupid sounds and graphics? They’ve cut all of that crap out, so it’s a nice smooth looking interface right away. Either that, or they made the front-end with my personal taste in mind which is possible.

They’ve also raped Mac OS.

It’s pretty clear that someone walked into the boardroom, pointed to a mac and said “make it look like that.” I’m good with that because Mac stole their entire interface from the guys over at stardock and widget so let them get stolen from, it’s only fair.

You may be asking yourself “hey I thought your were poor, what gives?” well I’m still poor but I got the program anyway. The logic being that I’m about to be REALLY poor for the next two years and It’s important to think ahead. I need to make sure my system is up to snuff and ready to take on the workload of professional-grade graphic design projects. If I can’t run the newest programs now, I’ll be screwed next year when upgrades like this will be impossible for me to get all together… at least that’s what I tell myself so I can go to sleep at night.

By the way, with this upgrade I am now on the cutting edge of both Mac and Windows. I’ve been running dual platform for a few months now. I’ll never switch to macs all the way, they just don’t have raw computing power, but they do have their uses. The line between Mac and Win is almost gone, so it’s good to be proficient in both.