The title of today’s blog isn’t actually about me, it’s about the American producer of Speed Racer, Peter Fernandez.

Since I saw the movie last night, I was thinking of the time I met him nearly 10 years ago

He was pretty busy that weekend, but I was lucky enough to run into him in the elevator Thursday night and talked to him for a bit, he was a great guy.

Although Tatsuo Yoshida and Tatsunoko Productions were the masterminds of the original anime, Peter was the creator of the show we know. He was writer, producer, editor and voice actor for most of the quirkiness we love here in the west.

The anime was not really that different, but the quick talking, and weird names like Inspector Detector and Snake Oiler were done by him.

I originally intended this blog to end with the autographed photo he gave me as himself dressed like Racer X. He wrote on it “yes peter, I really am that bad ass” and it’s one of my favorite autographs, but unfortunately I can’t find it. I’m afraid it’s been lost after all these years.

He had a big cameo in this movie, and that was awesome, so hopefully he’ll be on the con circuit again, and I can get him to sign a new one maybe, “Yes, I’m still that bad ass!”