My buddy Chris has entered another car design contest and could use your help. Read on for the full story and:



First off, since I probably don’t know a lot of you, I’ll start off with introduction and background info. My name is Chris Siegle, and I went to college with Peter.

This is the second time he’s let me do a blog post. The first time I was entered in a NASCAR design contest, which I won, with the help of a lot of you voting for me. Thank you to those of you who helped out, the prize was an awesome experience and I love having that one on my resume.

Anywho, I’m at it again… My entry in the Toyota Racing Sponsafy Your Ride contest is already on the website and is ready for more votes, and that’s where you come in yet again.

All you have to do is go to and click the big red VOTE button. (or click the picture below)

That’s it, no signing up, no putting in your email address, simple. You are allowed one vote per computer, per day. So if you desire, you can vote for me every day, I certainly won’t complain. There are 15 days of voting and at the end of the voting period, the top 10 advance to be judged by a panel of judges.

If I were to win, a NASCAR show car (not a real race car, one of those that you see in malls, grocery store openings, etc) will be wrapped in my design, I would win tickets to the NASCAR All Star Race (along with 4 other days of All Star Week festivities), with Toyota hospitality suite access and a meet and greet with the driver whose car I designed.

Similar to the last contest I get to ride along in the car during the pace laps, which is pretty awesome. As well as all the regular traveling and boarding tickets and reservations I get some Toyota swag, and an extra $500 in cash. Grand total worth, $4005, not too shabby.

Thank you in advance, whether I end up winning or not, your help is much appreciated.


It’s no joke that you guys were a big part of him winning last time, so it would be great if you helped him again!